Improving learner outcomes

Motor Coordination Difficulties course

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and describe the main features of motor learning difficulties
  • Describe, using correct terminology, the difficulties learners can have in planning and carrying out movement
  • Identify the characteristics and range of impairments associated with motor coordination difficulties
  • Refer children for motor assessment to the appropriate multi-professional teams
  • Use checklists to carry out observations of a child’s motor skills
  • Apply a graduated response to meeting the needs of learners with motor difficulties using the assess, plan, do review cycle
  • Employ strategies that enable learners to build and master motor skills
  • Modify tasks, alter expectations and change the classroom environment to help learners meet with success
  • Make reasonable adjustments in social and sporting activities to maximise the inclusion of learners with motor difficulties
  • Set SMART goals and implement strategies for improving learner outcomes

How much does it cost?

Tutored£180.00 (including VAT).

This includes:

  • access to your online course for 12 months
  • online support from a specialist tutor while you complete the course – typically up to 4 months
  • one point of direct contact with your tutor (phone, Skype, FaceTime), which you’ll agree between you


An employer purchasing places for a number of people might opt for more tutor contact, such as a group workshop, which would incur an additional charge to cover the tutor’s time and travel expenses.

Alternatively, schools or local authorities enrolling a number of employees on a course might opt to have an in-house specialist provide tutor support. In this situation, the in-house specialist would complete the course(s) as a participant first, and take part in tutor training.

Organisations can also be eligible for discounts on multiple purchases – If you’d like to explore options, please get in touch.

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